Smarter Analytics

Powerful reporting tools give you the data you need, when you need it

At the heart of everything we do

From conception to design and build, data is at the very heart of Tribepad. A data-driven Applicant Tracking System (ATS) eliminates gut-feelings and replaces them with informed decisions. We enable your organisation to evaluate, interpret, and react to real-time data with smarter analytics.

A comprehensive suite of reports

The Tribepad reporting suite is stocked with data-rich, real-time reports that can be filtered to suit your business needs. Tribepad Insights has the best reporting capabilities of any ATS out there; it allows you to focus on your strategy and base your decisions on facts.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Accurate source reporting (ROI), so you can see which channels to invest in
  • Measure agency, recruiter, hiring manager and job board effectiveness
  • Time to hire reporting – you define when the clock starts and stops
Smarter ATS analytics

Meaningful data at the click of a button

Quickly and easily view, understand, and download your data

Our state of the art reporting suite allows you to dive deep into your data with pre-built reports, charts, and graphs that turn your data into something meaningful. All our analytics are downloadable so that they can be shared and reported on throughout your organisation.

Your recruiters and hiring managers can design and complete internal feedback forms to ensure that all the necessary information is being captured and can therefore be reported on.

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Insights reporting platform

Match roles with the perfect candidates

  • Job adverts use Smart Upselling to attract candidates to suitable jobs
  • Job Matching uses artificial intelligence to pair jobs with the perfect candidates
  • Job Alerts inform candidates when new jobs are available that suit them

Track your traffic

Our smarter analytics tell you instantly which channels are working, and more importantly, which are not. This allows you to:

  • Deal with ineffective channels quickly
  • Invest more time into effective channels
  • Improve your talent acquisition process
  • Refine your recruiting campaign

Track your candidates

By collecting data from each stage of your recruitment process, you can keep track of your candidates every step of the way. Know where all your applicants are in the recruitment process at any one time and never lose track of your best candidates.

Drill down into each candidate for both reporting and refreshing your memory before an interview. See where they came from, how they applied, how many people they’re up against for the role, and so much more

Anonymous Users

Anonymised reporting

Measure diversity and remove unconscious bias

Through anonymised applications and reporting, you can:

  • Measure the diversity of your candidates at each stage of the recruitment process
  • Set candidate profiles to only reveal skills, experience, and qualifications
  • Hide any candidate information that may cause unconscious bias (name, address, gender, etc.)

Auditing made easy

With Tribepad recruitment software, everything is reportable

  • Every click is recorded
  • Every candidate and recruiter action is reportable
  • Our system is OFCCP and Northern Ireland reporting compliant (with Hallmark compatible imports)